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About us

About us

Ruta Origen® is a Mexican social company dedicated to community development through sustainable tourism experiences, generating alternative sources of income for base producers and allies in the countryside and the city. We promote responsible and informed consumption and we are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

ODS eco-friendly travel tourism
sustainable development nature travel
sustainable development nature travel

Our collaborative work model involves communities, families, individuals and companies to operate our experiences and generate common value through tourism, product marketing and development projects.


More than 60% of our income remains in the hands of our allies under our sustainable tourism model.

Work pilars

Routes and


Development projects

Collaborative work model


The collaborative work model has as its premise the generation of common value for all those who interact with the network. We work together with people and organizations that contribute knowledge, experience and value from their area of action, allowing to reduce the operating cost and maximizing multidisciplinary participation, increasing the impact and professionalization of the projects in which they intervene.

Our team

Entrepreneur, social tourism, development, MBA, Valle de Bravo, Green

Rodrigo Trujillo

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Administrative Director


Gerardo Ibarra

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Strategic Director


aldo perez

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Operational Director


Claudia González

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Operational Coordinator


Aldo Pérez

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Strategic Coordinator

desarrollo comunitario, méxico, Oaxaca, mezcal, agave, turismo sostenible méxico

Isabel Ruiz

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Strategic Coordinator

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