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Valle de Bravo is one of the most emblematic towns in the center of the country.


Nestled in the middle of mountains and forests, the town has natural attractions such as rivers, trails and roads for sports and nature activities.


It is the escape destination of the City, enjoy its cobbled streets, the views of its lake and its local cuisine.


Valle de Bravo - Edomex

Visit its forests and natural areas, explore its rivers and waterfalls. Enjoy the gastronomy and agricultural production of the region or relax in the hotels and wellness centers.


Central Wine Region

Get to know the region that produces wine, cheese and agricultural products of the highest quality. Visit agroecological vineyards and producing ranches in the Querétaro region.


Taxco - Guerrero

Walk through the old streets of this town, discover its impressive gastronomy and culture, its impressive buildings and enjoy its handicrafts.


Tepoztlán - Morelos

Concede this town that was an important cultural and religious center for pre-Hispanic cultures, enjoy its gastronomy and culture and relax in the natural spaces and hotels.

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