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Tabasco is one of the least known states in our country and yet it is the cradle of pre-Hispanic commerce and its natural and cultural beauties are impressive.


Tabasco is the origin of the best Mexican cocoa and in its municipalities there are cocoa-producing farms and chocolate factories.


This destination has mangroves, beaches and impressive archaeological sites, as well as one of the most complex gastronomies in the entire country.


Visit Chocolate factories

Learn about the manufacture of chocolate, learn about the production processes and go on tastings and tastings of chocolate and cacao.


Recorre su sitio arqueológico

Visit Comalcalco, the ancient Mayan city, and tour its gardens and buildings to learn more about the pre-Hispanic cultures that inhabited the region.


Visit the coast

Visit Puerto Ceiba, Paraíso and  the Mecoacán lagoon to enjoy the natural wonders of the lagoons, the coast and the rivers of Tabasco.


Explore cacao plantations

Recorre las plantaciones de cacao y conoce más sobre la biodiversidad de la región, prueba frutas frescas y conoce sobre la siembra y cosecha de éste importante fruto.

Cocina tradicional

Enjoy impressive traditional Chontal cuisine. Try the dishes that give identity to the region and that are a cultural heritage since pre-Hispanic times.


Tour a living museum

Visit a living cca museum where you can experience the traditions and customs of this region and its relationship with cocoa. 

Producción artesanal

Meet workshops and family businesses where different products derived from cocoa and other products of the region are produced.

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