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Villahermosa - Comalcalco -Paraíso

On this route you will learn the history of the origin of this incredible fruit that is part of our culture and that has been with our ancestors for more than 5,900 years. Learn about the origin of this fruit, production techniques, cocoa culture, chocolate production and local gastronomy.


You will visit cocoa plantations, chocolate factories, mangroves and Mayan pyramids.

With this experience you will be generating a positive impact in the communities of cocoa producers and other small entrepreneurs, learning to be a responsible consumer and helping with the activation of the local economy.



High lights

Day 1


Arrival in Villahermosa

Pozol tasting

Visit to a productive project led by women
Boat ride in mangroves


Day 2

Chocolate tasting at a chocolate factory

Visit to interactive museum

Special dinner with seafood



Day 3


Visit to the Mayan archaeological zone

Food in traditional cuisine