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Puebla is one of the Jewels of Mexico. Its culture and gastronomy make this destination one of the most attractive places to visit, its colonial past and its millenary history are evident in its towns and cities. In addition, Puebla has natural settings of great beauty.


Travel with us to learn about the coffee culture and visit plantations in the middle of the mountain or visit the craft workshops and local restaurants. Puebla is only two hours away from Mexico City, making it a must-see destination in our country.


Visit Puebla´s downtown

Tour the historic center of Puebla to see its impressive churches, beautiful streets, and colonial buildings.


Visit the coffee plantations

Travel to the Sierra Norte de Puebla to get to know the mountains of the serranía and visit productive coffee projects.


Know the pulque

Tour the rural area of Puebla to learn about the origin of Mexico's traditional pre-Hispanic drink: El Pulque, a drink extracted from the agave.


Experience Puebla cuisine

Pueblan cuisine is one of the most important in Mexico due to its history, variety and its emblematic dishes, visit the best places to learn about Pueblan cuisine.


Archaeological sites

Explore the important archaeological sites of Puebla such as the Pyramid of Cholula, the pyramid with the largest base in the world.


Cooking and corn workshops

Get to know the culture and gastronomy of Puebla through workshops and experiences on agricultural production, corn and traditional cuisine.

taller talavera3.jpg

Craft workshops

Visit Talavera craft production workshops, the traditional crafts from Puebla, and tour the neighborhoods and streets with the greatest variety of Pueblan art and crafts.


Natural reserves

Get to know the natural reserves of Puebla to learn more about its biocultural heritage and its richness in flora and fauna.

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