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Oaxaca is one of the states with the greatest cultural and biological diversity in Mexico.

Get to know its gastronomy and its culture. Visit artisanal mezcal production centers, visit their traditional markets and the best restaurants in the City.

Experience art and culture with producers of clay and textile crafts and walk through the streets and towns of this wonderful destination. Get to know the real Oaxaca from the hand of experts.


Walking tours in Oaxaca

Get to know one of the most beautiful cities in the country, walk through its streets, squares and cultural centers with the help of specialized guides to discover the essence of the city.


Art experiences

Make visits to galleries and workshops, make immersive experiences with local artists and artisans to learn about engraving, murals and other disciplines.


Craft workshops.

Produce your own traditional chocolate, make your own carved animal pieces, and your own prints guided by local artists.


Architecture and historic sites

Visit historic buildings and tour the main places and monuments of the city to learn about the biocultural heritage of Oaxaca


Workshops and galleries

Experience the oaxacan culture by visiting and participating in workshops for the production of textiles, candles and other traditional products at the hands of producers.


Archaeological sites

Visit the most important archaeological sites in Oaxaca such as Monte Albán, Dainzú, Mitla and others, accompanied by certified guides.


The real mezcal

Meet the true master mezcaleros of Oaxaca, visit mezcal production centers that work independently to produce artisanal mezcal, book  experiences and tastings.


Traditional cuisine and markets

Get to know one of the most impressive cuisines in Mexico, experience Oaxacan gastronomy in the best restaurants, traditional kitchens and markets.


Visit the coast

Rest and enjoy some of the best beaches in Mexico on the Oaxacan coast, book the best hotels and accommodations and enjoy activities and experiences in the destinations.

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