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Michoacán is the cradle of the largest monarch butterfly sanctuaries and is home to interesting nature and adventure destinations.


It is one of the states with the most history in our country, which is manifested in its culture, gastronomy and architecture. The towns of the lake area vibrate with cultural expressions such as crafts, traditional cuisine, dances and colors.

In addition, it is one of the states where one of the largest celebrations in Mexico is celebrated on the Day of the Dead in a special way.


History and architecture in Morelia

Morelia was the capital of "Nueva España" before it became Mexico. Learn about its impressive history and colonial architecture on tours in downtown.


Visit the lake area

Visit one of the most culturally rich areas of Mexico, get to know the towns near Lake Pátzcuaro and visit the island of Janitzio.

Catrina workshop

Make workshops where you can decorate and make your own pieces. Learn about the history and cultural importance of the Catrina.

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Craft Workshops

Meet and live with the master craftsmen who work with pottery, bronze, wood and other materials to create unique pieces in the world.

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Live the day of the dead

During the day of the dead, visit the most emblematic sites, learn about the most important cultural celebration in Mexico and delve into the secrets of this party.


Get to know Michoacan mezcal

Michoacán is one of the states that produces mezcal, learn about agaves and distillates from local producers.

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Michoacan Gastronomy

Taste one of the most complex and ancient cuisines in Mexico, from pre-Hispanic recipes to its world-renowned traditional cuisine.

Visit the butterfly sanctuary

Visit some of the largest sanctuaries where the monarch butterfly lives. Accompany this emblematic species in its rest before starting its migration north.

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