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Guanajuato is one of the states with the longest history in Mexico. Its streets and buildings speak about the history of the Independence of Mexico, its mining boom and its pre-Hispanic cultures.

Its natural beauty reminds  of the classic visions of semi-desert Mexico. The state has a large amount of flora and fauna, gastronomy and culture that represent the best of the Mexican lowlands.


San Miguel de Allende

Walk the beautiful streets of one of the most beautiful towns in Mexico. Explore its gastronomy and local culture and enjoy local products in its terraces and bars.


Cultural Tours

Meet Guanajuato and its impressive history, walk through the tunnels, streets, squares and alleys of the state capital and other municipalities.


Ore from Wells

Explore an old mining town that seems to have been trapped in time. Stay in the old haciendas and walk through the vestiges of past times and its mining splendor.


Get to know Guanajuato

Get to know the Cervantes capital of the world. Walk through its alleys, its impressive tunnels, enjoy its galleries and parks to learn about the history of Mexico and Guanajuato.


Horseback riding

Get to know the wild of Guanajuato, venture on horseback tours or in all-terrain vehicles to discover the ancient paths.

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