Experiencias gastronómicas y turismo sostenible en méxico

Mezcal Experience

We will have a fun conversation about history and legends linked to mezcal and agaves.

We will talk about the production process and about buying and tasting tips.

We will have an expert guided artisanal mezcal tasting.

Cacao Experience
and Chocolate

We will know the legends and origins of cacao and its pre-Hispanic and current uses.

We will talk about the production process and about tips for buying and tasting chocolates

We will have a tasting of cocoa products and chocolates.

Coffee Experience

Experience coffee in a different way, learn the different extraction methods.

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We will talk about the origins of coffee, its evolution and its history.

I mean

We will taste different origins of coffee extracted in different methods to learn about the culture of coffee in Mexico.

Bee Honey Experience

Get to know one of the oldest products of humanity through the senses.

I mean

Learn about the process and history of bee honey in a conversation full of information and curiosities.

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Try different honeys with different flavors, colors and textures and learn about their use and potentials.